Friday, October 21, 2011

Giddy up! (RodeoH review)

Two things that most queers and southerners can agree on: there’s nothing like a nice long ride. For me this has always meant a leather harness… until now.

I wanted them the moment I saw the picture. This hotly anticipated product has changed the game for strap-on fuckers everywhere. Using these, you can't really call it strap-on sex. No straps! I don't even feel right calling it a harness, even though many toy shops do.

Rodeohs are briefs with an integrated o-ring. They come in a soft storage bag (thoughtful, even though I am just going to throw them in my underwear drawer) and a dog tag with the brand name. The overall styling really appeals to me, everything from the colors (black/red with grey contrast edges) to the wide waistband and functional "y-front". You can really tell that this was designed by queer women for queer women (check out the company website). I have no doubt that they will probably come out with more feminine colors/designs in the future, which will be fantastic for other customers, but for me these really hit the spot.

As expected, they are easy and quick to put on and very comfortable to wear. In that respect there is virtually no difference from regular underwear. The waistband is snug but does not dig. I ordered based on my hip measurement and they fit great. Even if you usually wear pants at the waist, I would recommend wearing these at the hip if you want the cock to sit anywhere near your crotch because the o-ring is placed relatively high. They are meant to be tight, so if you’re on the edge order a size down. They are cut like women’s boy briefs, so be ready for them to ride up in the back. This is a compromise for those of us who prefer men’s underwear, but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

The front center panel is made of two layers with a flexible o-ring sewn into the outside layer and an inside layer that sits behind the dildo. The outside layer is attached at the waistband but the inside layer is only sewn in at the sides, so you can easily push it down and access the o-ring to get your cock in or out. To do the same from the outside, there are openings along the side edges. I would generally only use the outside openings if I was adjusting a soft packing cock, otherwise it's much easier to go through the inside and avoid stretching out the front layer, which is responsible for holding the cock tightly in place.

I was skeptical about whether or not they would hold a cock steady enough for a real pounding, but Rodeohs really live up to their name in this respect. As long as they fit you tight, they are going to serve you right. The construction is solid, everything is sewn in well, and I don't expect any ripping or tearing. Because they’re cotton they will soak up fluid, so keep that in mind when you decide to get wet and wild away from home.

Which brings us to my main reason for buying them: for use outside the bedroom. Rodeohs are absolutely the ideal way to pack. They will certainly hold a soft packer nicely in place, although if it is super squishy packer (like Mr. Limpy for instance) I would recommend letting it sit completely behind the front layer instead of putting the shaft through the hole and risk that the rest of him will slowly slip on through. A firmer packer like Mr. Right will probably do ok stuck through the ring.

You can also pack a bendable cock (like Silky) and be completely comfortable and ready for action anytime, anywhere. It’s the ultimate combination of functionality and comfort. If you’ve ever worn a strap-on harness under clothing, you know how big a deal this is. No more buckles digging in or having to constantly make sure no straps have escaped out of your waistband. They are so comfy you can wear them on a whim or a hunch, and if nothing pans out at least you haven't suffered needlessly. They are the ultimate date/adventure/travel briefs for dykes on the go.

Another plus, clean-up is as easy as can be, just throw them in the laundry (with your other dark colors). Keep them out of the dryer if you want them to last as long as possible.

The one thing I don't like about Rodeohs, or rather something being said about Rodeohs, is that they will replace the strap-on harness completely. This is simply not the case. Because they are underwear, Rodeohs have certain advantages over harnesses, but they also have disadvantages.

Like any pair of underwear, over time Rodeohs will lose their elastiscity, stretch out, and eventually fall apart. Don't buy them expecting that they will last year after year, like a high quality strap-on harness.

During sex, Rodeohs cover the wearer's orifices completely. Suprise suprise, since you are having sex with your underwear on. It takes some getting used to, unless of course you are using it outside the house and not getting fully naked anyway. It will certainly be an issue for people who want their bits to be accessible while they fuck. And if I was watching porn where the top was wearing a pair of Rodeohs, I would feel kinda robbed of an ass shot.

Also, Rodeohs aren't adjustable. All those finicky buckles and straps do serve a purpose, after all. Unlike a harness, you can't adjust Rodeohs to fit you just perfect or to fit someone you're sharing it with if they're a different size. If your weight fluctuates, your Rodeohs will not fluctuate with you. Adjustability also matters when it comes to cocks. Rodeohs will work well with cocks 5-6" in length and 1.5-2" in diameter, but you'll need to look elsewhere if you want to use something bigger.

Overall, I am really excited about this product and the innovation that made it possible. I bought it (from Eden Fantasys) for a specific purpose and it fills that purpose to a T. It’s not a harness, and thank god for that! Never again will I be stuck wearing a harness under clothes. Don’t compare it to a harness or expect it to behave or age like a harness (especially one made of gorgeous full grain leather) and you will be very satisfied.

Until next time, happy riding! Get along, lil homos…